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Pet Dental Care FAQs

Pet Dental Care FAQs

When it comes to pet health, dental care is an area that shouldn't be overlooked. Proper dental care will keep your cat or dog healthy, preventing tooth decay and serious illness from setting in. At Berclair Animal Hospital, we get asked many questions about pet dental care. Here are some answers to a few of the most common:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What dental problems do pets experience?

As cats and dogs age, they become more susceptible to developing periodontal disease. This condition will result in tooth pain, bacterial infection, and maybe even damage to an animal's internal organs. Proper dental care will ensure that your pet will live a healthier, less pain-filled life.

2. What are some signs that an animal needs dental care?

You can check an animal's mouth to look for signs of tooth decay. Constant bad breath may also be a sign that your pet needs dental care. 

3. Why are dental problems less common in pets than in humans?

Humans tend to consume diets that are high in sugar, much more so than animals. Dental issues will also vary by species, with some wild animals experiencing different levels of decay than others.

4. How often should a pet receive dental care?

Generally speaking, veterinarians recommend that your pet receives a professional teeth cleaning every six months to a year. This annual cleaning will act as a preventive measure against future dental problems.

5. What should a pet owner expect during a veterinarian visit for dental care?

It will depend on what kind of dental care the animal is receiving. It's common for veterinarians to put animals under anesthesia in order to clean their teeth. Pet owners will receive instructions from our veterinarian on how to handle pets during and after anesthesia. 

6. Where can I find dental care for my pets in Memphis, TN?

Berclair Animal Hospital is our veterinary center in the Memphis, Tennessee area. Our hospital provides dental care among a number of other veterinary services.

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