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Pet Grooming

Cleanliness and hygiene have a large impact on the overall health of a dog. Unkempt claws can split and snag, insects can live in excess fur, and oral hygiene can impact a dog’s ability to eat. But, what needs to be done? At Berclair Animal Hospital, we have years of experience providing Memphis residents with reliable veterinary care. This includes dog grooming services.



Dogs put bare feet to the ground all the time. Constant exposure to the ground can lead to dry skin and splitting nails. If your dog is a lap dog, they may like a gentle foot rub to help soothe the aching muscles. An animal clinic may sell rubs that help keep the pads from drying out and splitting. On that note, a little filing of the tips of the nail may be able to prevent rough edges that are prone to snagging on carpet, clothing, or wood. A chewy snack can help your dog relax and be more receptive to having their nails cared for.

Fur Care

Most dogs enjoy the attention of having their fur brushed. This is a great way to keep dirt and debris out of the fur between baths, and also helps to ensure that oils excreted from the skin make it to the ends of the fur, keeping the hair healthy and shiny. 

Mouth Care

We all love to see our dogs smile back at us. To help them hold that smile between vet visits, feeding dogs a healthy diet is the first step to fighting plaque. Our animal clinic carries special toothpaste and will instruct you on proper brushing techniques. You may also want to consider dental treats which are designed to mimic brushing teeth.

Animal Clinic in Memphis

If you need dog grooming services in Memphis, contact Berclair Animal Hospital today. Our veterinarian will assess your dog’s condition before providing him or her with the necessary combination of grooming services. For more information on the importance of grooming or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us at (901) 685-8204.

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