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Pet Boarding FAQs

Pet boarding offers a viable solution for pet care when you need to travel for business or want to go on extended vacation. If you live in Memphis or surrounding communities, you can board your pet at Berclair Animal Hospital P.C. while you are gone. These FAQs from your Memphis veterinarian explain more about pet boarding services and how they can benefit you and your pet.   


Who can benefit from pet boarding services?

Any pet owner can benefit from pet daycare and boarding services, whether it’s on a short or long term basis. If you need a safe and secure place for your kit or pup to stay while you are on vacation or traveling for business, our pet boarding facility can help. We offer safe, secure, comfortable boarding accommodations for your cat or dog.  

Why is an animal hospital a good place to board your pet?

There are numerous advantages to boarding your pet in our animal clinic. First, your pet will be looked after by professional pet caregivers in their field. In the event of an emergency, a qualified veterinarian will be close at hand to render immediate aid. Our veterinary team has experience caring for pets of all ages, sizes, and breeds. You can ensure your pet will receive the care and attention he needs while you are gone.   

What safety/security measures do boarding facilities offer to protect my pet?

At Berclair Animal Hospital, we combine security with freedom by ensuring your pet gets plenty of fresh air and exercise within a safe, controlled environment. Your pet can enjoy regular exercise/play times with other pets under supervision to avoid clashes. We will also adhere to your pet’s normal meal, rest, and vitamin/medication schedule to preserve his health during his stay.

We also require that all pets be up to date with essential vaccinations to include rabies, distemper, kennel cough and other core vaccines before they can come to our facility to protect your pet against communicable diseases.

Can your boarding facility handle pets with special needs?

Our facility and staff are capable of treating pets with special needs. When reserving boarding services, be sure to mention that your pet requires special care. We will make sure your pet receives the medication, diet or exercise required to keep them in optimal health during his stay.

What should I bring from home when boarding my pet?

If you want, you can bring your pet’s food so they can receive the same nutrition while under our care. You can also bring their food/water bowl, special treats, chew toys and blanket to make them feel more at home.

Need to Board Your Pet? We Can Help!

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