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Dog Day Care

Ensuring Your Pet Has a Great Time

Some dogs simply can not spend long periods of time by themselves. Being alone can cause mental stress. Perhaps your pup will get into trouble, chewing on wires, digging through the trash, or otherwise getting up to no good. That is why many pet owners are turning to dog daycare. At Berclair Animal Hospital in Memphis, we can watch over your dogs while you are at work. We can also watch your pet overnight with our pet boarding services.

Veterinarian-Approved Dog Daycare

When you drop your dog off for daycare at our veterinary clinic, you can rest assured that he or she will be in good hands. Our pet daycare program is designed to ensure the comfort of your pets. We will always keep an eye out for your pet’s good mental and physical health.

We have dog sitters on staff who can work with your special pet. Our dog sitters are highly trained and love spending time with animals. They also know how to properly handle dogs and will work with your pets to make sure they are comfortable.

What to Expect

Making Friends: We can set up socializing programs so your dog can play with other dogs when it is appropriate. Socializing time will be with your consent and based on the breed and temperament of the dogs in question.

Hygiene: Rest assured, your dog will be housed in comfortable and clean facilities. All of our kennels are cleaned daily using safe but effective cleaners. We also work hard to reduce allergens and anything that might irritate your dog while he or she is at our doggie daycare.

Diet: Nutrition is important for dogs young and old. We will provide your dogs with veterinarian-approved food, and we can meet any dietary requirements that your pet might have.

Choose Us for Your Pet’s Doggie Daycare in Memphis, TN

If you are considering doggie daycare, you might want to schedule a pet exam so you can talk with a veterinarian about nutrition, exercise, and other topics too. Together, we can design a pet care and nutrition plan for your dog to follow to keep your pet happy and healthy for years to come. Call our team at Berclair Animal Hospital today at 901-685-8204 for daycare services or any other veterinary services.

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